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Love Series SCD

Series SCD DIN Rail Temperature/Process Controller

Series SCDUniversal Inputs, Up to 8 PID Loops, Modbus® Communications

The Love Series SCD DIN Rail Mount Temperature/Process Controller offers multiple PID loops in a compact size. Each SCD-1000 master controller can be combined with up to seven SCD-2000 slave controllers without any wires. Each controller has one universal input, one relay output and one user selected output. The outputs can be used for a dual loop to control heating and cooling or a single loop with an alarm. These controllers support up to 64 ramp/soak actions. The SCD series controllers are programmed via a user-friendly software program via the RS-485 Modbus® communications.


Love Series SCD Specifications

  • Inputs:Thermocouple, RTD, DC linear voltage, and DC currents.
  • Supply Voltage:24 VDC.
  • Power Consumption:3 W.
  • Operating Temperature:32 to 122ºF (0 to 50ºC).
  • Memory Backup:Non-volatile.
  • Control Output Ratings:Relay: Resistive load @ 250 VAC 3 A; Voltage Pulse: 12 VDC, max. output current: 40 mA; Current: 4-20 mA output; Linear Voltage: 0 – 10 VDC.
  • Communication:RS-485 Modbus® A-5-11/RTU communication protocol.
  • Weight:2.7 oz (76.5 g).
  • Agency Approvals:CE, RoHS, cUL, UL.


Available Models

SCD-1023DIN rail temperature/process master controller, (1) voltage pulse output and (1) relay output.
SCD-1033DIN rail temperature/process master controller, (2) relay outputs.
SCD-1053DIN rail temperature/process master controller, (1) current output and (1) relay output.
SCD-1063DIN rail temperature/process master controller, (1) linear voltage output and (1) relay output.
SCD-2023DIN rail temperature/process slave controller, (1) voltage pulse output and (1) relay output.
SCD-2033DIN rail temperature/process slave controller, (2) relay outputs.
SCD-2053DIN rail temperature/process slave controller, (1) current output and (1) relay output.
SCD-2063DIN rail temperature/process slave controller, (1) linear voltage output and (1) relay output.



SCD-PS100 to 240 VAC/VDC to 24 VDC power supply.
SCD-SWConfiguration software.
MN-1Mini-Node™ RS-485 to USB converter.
A-277Precision resistor, 250 ohm.
A-600R/C snubber (recommended for inductive loads like a solenoid or contactor).