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DP Digital Gage Switch

Dwyer Differential Pressure Digital Gage and Switches

Digital indicators for the difference between two pressures that also have switch outputs. Can also be used for single pressure.

Digihelic Series DHSeries DH
Digihelic Differential Pressure Controller 3 in 1 instrument: gage, switch and transmitter, squal
Dwyer Series DHII Digihelic® IISeries DHII
Digihelic II Differential Pressure Controller NEMA 4 (IP66) housing with large, bright LCD, square root output for flow.
Series DH3 Digihelic® Differential PressureSeries DH3
Digihelic Differential Pressure Controller. Digihelic controller in Photohelic gage, square root output for flow.
Dwyer Series AT2DH3 DigihelicSeries AT2DH3
ATEX Approved DH3 Differential Pressure Controller Digihelic pressure control in flame-proof ATEX enclosure.