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Indicators, Sensors, Transmitters, Switches, Data Loggers, Controllers, and Monitors for Level.

Level IndicatorsLevel Indicators
Sensors that indicate level.
Water Leak DetectorsWater Leak Detectors
Conductivity sensors with an electrical contact output for detecting water leaks. Single point and extended tape models.
Pump ControllersPump Controllers
Controllers that turn on and off pumps to maintain specific levels in tanks.
Bin VibratorsBin Vibrators
Electric and pneumatic vibrators for powder and bulk storage vessels.
Level SwitchesLevel Switches
Sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid, powder or bulk level. Capacitive, conductive, diaphragm, displacer, float, inductive, optical, paddle, vibrating rod, tilt, and tuning fork models.
Level TransmittersLevel Transmitters
Sensors with an electrical transmission output for remote indication of liquid, powder or bulk level. Capacitive, float, mechanical, submersible, and ultrasonic models.