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DP Gages Switches

Dwyer Differential Pressure Gauges and Switches

Dial indicators for the difference between two pressures that also have switch outputs. Can also be used for single pressure.

Dwyer Series MP Mini-PhotohelicSeries MP
Mini-Photohelic differential pressure switch-gage. Compact and low cost.
Dwyer 43000Series 3000MR/MRS
Photohelic switch/gage combines differential pressure gage with low/high set-points.
Dwyer Series 3000MR PhotohelicSeries A3000
Photohelic Pressure switch/gage 3-in-1 indicating gage, lo-limit and hi-limit control
Dwyer 43000Series 43000
Capsu-Photohelic Pressure switch gage lo-limit and hi-limit control. Aluminum or brass case.
Dwyer Series 3000MR PhotohelicSeries 3000SGT
Photohelic Pressure switch/gage with integral transmitter. Indication gage, low and high limit control, 4-20mA transmitter.
Series AT22000Series AT223000MR/MRS
ATEX approved Photohelic switch/gages with 24 VDC power. 3000MR or 3000MRS series in flame-proof ATEX enclosure.
Dwyer Series AT3A3000Series AT3A3000
ATEX Approved Photohelic switch/gages with 120, 240 or 24 VAC power. Photohelic switch/gages in flame-proof ATEX enclosures.