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Dwyer Model ULSS

Model ULSS Ultrasonic Level Sensor

4.1′ (1.25 m) Measuring Range, Non-Contact Transmitter, SPST Programmable Relays

The Dwyer Model ULSS Ultrasonic Level Sensor provides non-contact, continuous ultrasonic level measurement of fluids for short range applications. Ultrasonic technology paired with automatic temperature compensation provides accurate and reliable measurements in almost all conditions. The Model ULSS has failsafe logic that is easily configured to custom applications via free software removing the need for target calibration. Using the free software, the Model ULSS can be programmed to transmit an output signal as well as set the four relays for control applications. This rugged design comes with a NEMA 6P submersible enclosure rating to ensure a long lasting unit.



  • Service:Compatible fluids.
  • Wetted Materials:Sensor: PVDF; O-ring: FKM.
  • Ranges:4.1′ (1.25 m).
  • Accuracy:0.125″ (3 mm).
  • Resolution:0.019″ (0.5 mm).
  • Blind Zone:2″ (5 cm).
  • Beam Width:2″ (5 cm).
  • Temperature Limits:Process: 20 to 140°F (-7 to 60°C); Ambient: -31 to 140°F (-35 to 60°C).
  • Temperature Compensation:Automatic.
  • Pressure Limit:30 psi (2 bar).
  • Power Requirement:12 to 28 VDC.
  • Output Signal:4 to 20 mA, 2-wire; Invert: 4 to 20 mA or 20 to 4 mA;
  • Fail-safe: 4 mA, 20 mA, 21 mA, 22 mA, or hold last.
  • Loop Resistance:400 Ω max.
  • Electrical Connections:4′ (1.2 m) 9 conductor shielded cable.
  • Contact Type:4 SPST relays.
  • Contact Rating:1 A max @ 28 VDC max.
  • Deadband:Selectable (no hysteresis, 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″, 1/2 cm, 1 cm, 2 cm, 5 cm or not available).
  • Process Connection:1″ NPT, 1″ BSPP (optional).
  • Enclosure Rating:NEMA 6P (IP68).
  • Enclosure Material:Polycarbonate; Gland: TPE.
  • Mounting Orientation:Vertical.
  • Memory:Non-volatile.
  • Failsafe:Contact: Power loss: Holds Last contact; Power on: Open, close, or last contact.
  • Programming:Free PC software download (USB adapter required).
  • Weight:1 lb (0.45 kg).
  • Agency Approvals: CE, RoHS.



  • Selectable deadband
  • Fail-safe logic for control applications
  • Four programmable relays
  • Narrow beam width and short dead band
  • Automatic temperature compensation


Model ULSS-10 4.1′ (1.25 m) measuring range, non-contact transmitter, SPST programmable relays, 1″ NPT thread
(USB adapter necessary for calibration. One adapter can program multiple units.)