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Dwyer Series NCS-10

ProximitySeries NCS-10 Through Wall Capacitive Sensor

Non-Contact, Thin Profile Level Sensor

Series NCS-10The Dwyer Series NCS-10 Through Wall Capacitive Sensor features a thin profile with a sensing distance of 10 mm non-flush mounted. The switching points can be altered by means of the push-button teach-in function. 3-wire DC output with selectable make (NO) or break (NC) switching and NPN Alarm. The NCS-10 is designed for front, pipe or plane mounting. Capacitive sensors can detect metallic as well as nonmetallic objects; however, their traditional use is for non-metallic materials such as: plastics industry, chemical industry, wood industry, ceramic and glass industry, and packing industry.


  • Service: Solids, liquids, or slurries.
  • Temperature Limits: Operating temperature: -20 to 80ºC (-4 to 176ºF); Storage temperature: -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85ºC).
  • Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X (IP68).Repeatability:5%.
  • Power Requirements: 10 to 30 VDC (ripple incl.).
  • Switch Type: NPN or PNP.
  • Electrical Rating: 200 mA (continuous).Rated Operating Distance (Sn):0.39″ (10 mm).
  • Sensing Range: 0.039 – 0.39″ (1 – 10 mm) (factory set at 10 mm).
  • Sensitivity Effective Operating Distance (Sr): Adjustable (teach-in) 0.9 x Sn ≤Sr ≤1.1 x Sn.
  • Usable Operating Distance (Su): 0.8 x Sr ≤Su ≤1.2 x Sr.
  • Hysteresis: Depending on teach-in.
  • Ripple: ≤10%.
  • No-load Supply Current: ≤12 mA.
  • Voltage Drop: ≤2.5 VDC @ max. load.
  • Protection: Short-circuit, reverse polarity, transients.
  • Frequency of Operating Cycles: 10 Hz.
  • Indication:For output ON: LED, Yellow; For safe/unsafe: LED, Green.
  • Connection:Cable: Black, 6.5 ft (2 m), 4 x 0.14 mm² oil proof, PVC.
  • Weight: 50 g.
  • Approvals: CE.


NCS-10NThrough wall capacitive sensor, NPN.
NCS-10PThrough wall capacitive sensor, PNP.