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Dwyer Midwest Sight Flow Indicators

Series SFI-300F MIDWEST Sight Flow Indicator

Series SFI-300FInexpensive Protection for Expensive Equipment and Systems

Series 300F Dwyer Midwest Sight Flow Indicators are manufactured of quality materials and safety tested to assure long, dependable service at economical prices. The 300F Series offer ANSI flange process connections, double viewing windows, and bodies of carbon steel or 316 SS. The 350F type has a double window with no moving indicator and the 360F type has a double window with a flapper. All the types feature a removable window for easy service and replacement of wearing parts. Download


SFI-350F & SFI 360F Specifications

  • Service: Compatible gases and liquids.
  • Wetted Materials:Window: Tempered glass; Body: Carbon steel or 316 SS; Gasket: Buna-N, fluoroelastomer or PTFE; Indicator: 316 SS flapper (360).
  • Temperature Limit: 200°F (93°C).
  • Pressure Limit: 150 psig (10.34 bar)
  • Connections: Flanged.


Available Bulls-Eye Double Window Flanged Models

Series 350FCS - Carbon Steel Flanged - No Flapper

SFI-350FCS-1-1/21-1/2" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FCS-22" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FCS-33" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FCS-44" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FCS-66" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleNo Flapper

Series 350FSS - 316SS Flanged - No Flapper

SFI-350FSS-1-1/21-1/2" 150# Flange316SSDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FSS-22" 150# Flange316SSDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FSS-33" 150# Flange316SSDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FSS-44" 150# Flange316SSDoubleNo Flapper
SFI-350FSS-66" 150# Flange316SSDoubleNo Flapper

Series 360FCS - Carbon Steel Flanged - 316SS Flapper

SFI-360FCS-1-1/21-1/2" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleFlapper
SFI-350FCS-22" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleFlapper
SFI-360FCS-33" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleFlapper
SFI-360FCS-44" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleFlapper
SFI-360FCS-66" 150# FlangeCarbon SteelDoubleFlapper

Series 360FSS - 316SS Flanged - 316SS Flapper

SFI-360FSS-1-1/21-1/2" 150# Flange316SSDoubleFlapper
SFI-360FSS-22" 150# Flange316SSDoubleFlapper
SFI-360FSS-33" 150# Flange316SSDoubleFlapper
SFI-360FSS-44" 150# Flange316SSDoubleFlapper
SFI-360FSS-66" 150# Flange316SSDoubleFlapper