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WE Anderson Series CLT

Series CLT Continuous Level Transmitter

WE Anderson Series CLTCustomize To Fit Application, 316 SS or Buna-N Floats

The WE Anderson Series CLT continuous output level transmitter provides up to the minute tank level monitoring. Customize level transmitters to meet application requirements. Transmitters can be configured for 4 to 20 mA or proportional voltage output, stainless steel or Buna-N stem and floats, and lengths up to 72″ (183 cm).



  • Service:Compatible liquids.
  • Resolution:1/4″.
  • Temperature Limits:Buna-N Floats: 180°F (82°C) in water, -40 to 230°F (-40 to 110°C) in oil; SS Floats: -40 to 230°F (-40 to 110°C).
  • Pressure Limits:Buna-N Floats: 150 psig (10 bar); SS Floats: 300 psig (21 bar).
  • Power Requirements:Proportional Voltage Output Models: 10 to 30 VDC; 4-20 mA Output Models: 10 to 40 VDC.
  • Loop Resistance:1.4 kΩ maximum.
  • Electrical Connections:Proportional Voltage Output Models: 24″ (16 cm) free leads #22 AWG, TFE jacketed; 4-20 mA Output Models: junction box.
  • Enclosure Rating:4-20 mA Models: junction box.
  • Mounting Orientation:Vertical ±20°, maximum length of 72″ (183 cm).
  • Specific Gravity:Buna-N Floats with SS or Brass Stem: 0.55 minimum; SS Floats with SS Stem: 0.75 minimum.