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Series MPCJR Pump Controller

Series MPCJR Pump Controller

Series MPCJROne or Two Pump Control with Built-In Alternation

The Mercoid Series MPCJR Pump Controller provides versatile level control in a standard 1/4 DIN package. Designed for use with almost any style level transmitter the unit displays the present level and main set point value. Incorporated in the MPC Jr. is programmable level differential for on/off control of one or two pumps, valves, or other devices through two SPDT relays. Also featured are two additional programmable alarm contacts with front alarm light indication.

The MPC Jr. is flexible and incorporates a user-friendly programming menu. The front face meets NEMA 4X for outdoor panel mounting.


Series MPC Pump Controller Specifications

  • Inputs:4 (or 0) to 20 mA DC or 2 (or 0) to 10 VDC selectable.
  • Input Impedance:Current = 10 ohms, Voltage = 5 K ohms.
  • Output Ratings:Control Relays: SPDT, rated 10A @ 240 VAC res., 1/4 hp @ 120 VAC, 1/3 hp @ 240 VAC; Alarm Relays: SPST, 3A @ 240 VAC res., 1/10 hp @ 120 VAC; Others: 15 VDC @ 20 mA for output one and output two.
  • Control Type:On/off, reverse (pump out) or direct (pump in) acting.
  • Power Requirements:100 to 240 VAC nominal, +10%-15%, 50 to 400 Hz, single phase; 132 to 240 VDC nominal, +10%-15%.
  • Power Consumption:7.5 VA maximum.
  • Accuracy:±0.25% of span, ±1 least significant digit.
  • Display:Two 4-digit, 7 segment 0.56″ high LEDs.
  • Display Resolution:1 count.
  • Memory Backup:Nonvolatile memory (no batteries required).
  • Serial Communications:Optional RS-232 or RS-485 with Modbus® protocol.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature/RH:14 to 131°F (-10 to 55°C); 0 to 90% up to 104°F (40°C) non-condensing, 10 to 50% at 131°F (55°C) non-condensing.
  • Weight:16 oz (454 g).
  • Front Panel Rating:Meets UL Type 4X (IP66).
  • Loop Power Supply (isolated):24 VDC @ 50 mA, regulated.
  • Agency Approvals:CE, cUL, UL.
    NOTE: For compatible level transmitters, see Mercoid Series PBLT2/PBLTX and SBLT2/SBLTX.



  • Selectable pump alternation when used with two pumps to minimize pump wear.
  • Integral 24 VDC power supply for transmitter.
  • User selectable security lock-out of programming and/or set points.
  • Optional process input retransmission as a current (4 to 20 mA) or voltage (2 to 10 VDC) analog signal.
  • Analog output on pump “on” condition for activation of separate pump run time meters.


Available Models

  • Model MPCJR Series MPC Jr. pump controller.
  • Model MPCJR-RC Series MPC Jr. pump controller with retransmisssion of input, 4 to 20 mA.



  • -RC Retransmission of input, 4 to 20 mA. Add suffix -RC.
  • -RV Retransmission of input, 0 to 10 VDC. Add suffix -RV.
  • -232 RS-232 Modbus® -RTU Serial Communications. Add suffix -232.
  • -485 RS-485 Modbus® -RTU Serial Communications. Add suffix -485.