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Dwyer Series WMT2

Series WMT2 Multi-Jet Water Meter with Pulsed Output

Dwyer Series WMT2
Dwyer Series WMT2

Economical, Brass Body, Dry Dial

The Dwyer Series WMT2 Multi-Jet Water Meter is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The multi-jet design allows simplicity and accuracy with wide flow ranges even in low flow applications. The meter is designed for long service life and relatively maintenance-free operation, even under adverse conditions. The magnetically driven, hermetically sealed register will not leak or fog and is completely separated from the water. The reed switch is activated by a magnet on the dial, which is directly proportional to the flow rate. The output is perfect for remote monitoring of flow rate or flow totalization, and can interface with PLC’s, counters, data loggers, and SCADA systems.


  • Magnetic Drive – water is sealed from entering register
  • Dry dial won’t discolor or fade – hermetically sealed from the elements
  • Integral strainer that protects meters from particulate damage
  • Pointer-roller indicator
  • Frost resistant body
  • Pulsed output
  • Includes two mounting adapters (couplings)


  • Service: Water.
  • Wetted Materials: Body: Brass, polyethylene;
    Couplings: Brass;
    Measuring Chamber: Polyethylene, ABS plastic, ferrite, acetal.
  • Flow Range: See model chart on catalog page.
  • Accuracy: Transitional Flow: ±5%; Nominal Flow: ±2%.
  • Temperature Limit: 104°F (40°C).
  • Pressure Limit: 232 psi (16 bar).
  • Pressure Drop: See instruction manual.
  • Totalizing Display Maximum: See model chart on catalog page.
  • Output Signal: Pulse output with frequency proportional to flow rate.
  • Pulse Options: 0.1 gal, 1 gal, 10 gal, 100 gal per pulse (1 L, 10 L, 100 L per pulse).
  • Electrical Rating: 0.01 A @ 24 VAC/DC.
  • Electrical Connections: Color-coded lead wires, 4.5′ (1.5 m) long.
  • Mounting Orientation: Horizontal.
  • Weight: See dimension chart on catalog page.


WMT2-A-C-015/8" x 1/2" brass 20 GPM1-10 GPM
WMT2-A-C-01-15/8" x 1/2" brass 20 GPM1-10 GPM
WMT2-A-C-025/8" x 3/4" brass20 GPM1-20 GPM
WMT2-A-C-02-15/8" x 3/4" brass20 GPM1-20 GPM
WMT2-A-C-033/4" brass30 GPM2-30 GPM
WMT2-A-C-03-13/4" brass30 GPM2-30 GPM
WMT2-A-C-041" brass50 GPM3-50 GPM
WMT2-A-C-04-11" brass50 GPM3-50 GPM
WMT2-A-C-04-1001" brass50 GPM3-50 GPM
WMT2-A-C-06-101-1/2" brass100 GPM5-100 GPM
WMT2-A-C-07-102" brass160 GPM80-160 GPM
WMT2-A-C-07-1002" brass160 GPM80-160 GPM
WMT2-B-C-08-115mm brass3 m3/h0.12-1.5 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-08-1015mm brass3 m3/h0.12-1.5 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-10-120mm brass5 m3/h0.2-2.5 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-11-125mm brass7 m3/h0.25-3.5 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-12-132mm brass12 m3/h0.48-6 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-12-1032mm brass12 m3/h0.48-6 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-12-10032mm brass12 m3/h0.48-6 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-14-1050mm brass30 m3/h1.2-15 m3/h
WMT2-B-C-14-10050mm brass30 m3/h1.2-15 m3/h