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Paddle or vane sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate.

Flotect Series V4Series V4
FLOTECT® Vane Operated Flow Switch
Field Adjustable – Dependable Protection Against Flow Variation or Stopping in Pipelines for Fluids, Gases and Flowing Solids
Series V6 Flotect Flow SwitchSeries V6
FLOTECT® Mini-Size Flow Switch. Monitor flow in 1/2" to 2" pipe, Explosion-proof
Series V8 Flotect Vane Operated Flow Switch
Model V8
Series V8
FLOTECT® Vane Operated Flow Switch. Field Adjustable – 1 to 6 Inch Pipe, Leak Proof Body
Flotect Series V10 Flow Switch
Flotect Series V10
Series V10
FLOTECT® Mini-Size Flow Switch
Proof of Flow or No Flow in 1/2" to 2" Pipe, Low Cost, Leak Proof Body, Weatherproof
Available Downloads:
Flotect Series V4 Catalog Cut Sheet
Flotect Series V4 User Manual
Flotect Series V6 Catalog Cut Sheet
Flotect Series V6 User Manual
Flotect Series V8 Catalog Cut Sheet
Flotect Series V8 User Manual
Flotect Series V10 Catalog Cut Sheet
Flotect Series V10 User Manual