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Dwyer Model 670

Model 670 Fume Hood Monitor

Ensures Proper Fume Hood Performance

Dwyer Model 670
Model 670

The Dwyer Model 670 Fume Hood Monitor continuously senses air flow through the face of the fume hood, ensuring safe levels of fresh air are exhausting potentially hazardous fumes eliminating operator exposure. The 670 provides a highly accurate hot wire sensor to detect very low flows common on fume hoods. This fume hood monitor provides several key features such as simplified calibration and mounting, LED safe and alarm status indicators, audible alarm with temporary or permanent horn silence, relay alarm output, sash alarm input and an input for night set-back. The Model 670 comes with everything required to quickly install the unit including a mounting bracket, 24″ of tubing for connecting to the inside of the hood wall and a 120 Volt AC power adapter.


Dwyer Model 670 Specifications

  • Service:Fume hood face velocity air flow.
  • Alarm Range:30-400 FPM (0.15-2.0 m/s).
  • Alarm Indication:Red LED & audible alarm.
  • Low Air Velocity Alarm Delay:Fixed 5 secs.
  • Visual LED Display:Red: Alarm; Green: Normal.
  • Horn Silence:Yes, temporary and permanent.
  • Accuracy:Face velocity ±10%.
  • Operating Temperature:55 to 86°F (13 to 30°C).
  • Storage Temperature:-40 to 150°F (-40 to 65°C).
  • Power Requirement Input:15 VDC 500 mA; 120 VAC, 60 Hz power transformer included.
  • Relay Output Low Air Flow Alarm:5 amps @ 250 VAC.
  • Relay Input for Night Setback:2 wire rated for 24 VDC usage.
  • Sash High Indication:Using a two wire micro switch or 3 wire proximity switch input, rated for 24 VDC usage.
  • Mounting:Semi flush, flush or surface mounted when using included bracket.
  • Weight:5.0 oz (141 g).
  • Agency Approval:CE.


Available Model

  • Model 670 Fume hood monitor.